Common API in Android

Networking Libraries

Comparison of Android networking libraries

Image loading library

Picasso vs Glide


Push Notifications


Google Cloud Messaging


Dependency Injection

Butter Knife


JSON Reader

Android provide inbuild JSON reader, but it is easier to use These Third part API.

GSON: GSON is a Java library that converts your JSON objects into an actual Java Object and vice-versa.

This simple ability makes GSON super useful as some JSON objects can get quite difficult to read using the default JSON reader

Moshi by square



Guava is a HUGE library. Guava in itself along with Android dependencies will put you over the 64K method count. I would avoid Guava at all costs.

I would also advocate Moshi over GSON since GSON is hardly being maintained anymore.


Google map





7. Guava (

Also by Google, Guava is a utility library that gives you access to lots of add-on methods and classes to the Java library. This includes things like collections, graph-structured data, local caching, I/O operations and string and math utilities that are not included in the default Java Development Kit. It is a very useful utility library that saves a lot of time and brain power.

Guava is an open source, Java-based library developed by Google. It facilitates best coding practices and helps reduce coding errors





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