3 Ways to maintain Seo ranking

You can improve website ranking, by just following few basic steps.



For visitor

Content is most important. Keep posting new things and try to be original. Search engines prefer the website that contains in-depth information on any topic.

Formatting of articles is also important

Use only <H1> heading tag; you may use the other heading tags as many times as you like.

Use small paragraphs with each sentence, not more than eight words.

Try to form articles with a mixture of images, video, text. You can also provide links to articles for reference. It sometimes helps your reader.

for Search engine

Choose an appropriate title that description your content, URL should containing title tag, and not forget to put meta tag, meta description, images with alt text, description.


2) Speed up your site

The speed of a website is one of the factors for website ranking.

There are various tools available to check site speed, like


Page speed insight by Google

You can follow these steps to increase speed of your website

Avoid unnecessary request, javascript calls, minify your CSS, java script.

use CDN like Cloudflare

Use cache for static contents.

Can use the compressed version of images.

Switch to a faster, more reliable hosting service.

3)Build your social media presence

It is not clear whether social media has any effect on ranking or not. But advisable to use it, its an easy and free way for advertising website.


Search engine optimisation is a long-term process that doesn’t generate results overnight. Typically, you need a few months before you start noticing the fruits of your SEO labour.

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